My name is Victor Gonzalo and I am a travel, commercial, lifestyle, portrait photographer and international workshop instructor whose traveling and photography passion involve me into amazing adventures and projects to create and share.

You may find me out on Munich, when I am at home, otherwise I could be reachable in any part of the world. My travels has taken me to many different projects around the globe, including India, Myanmar, USA, Israel and Palestian territories, Egypt, Chile, Kurdistan, Ethiopia, Philippines, Senegal, Morocco, Cuba and many other different countries (over 40 already) and I have led several workshops in various countries like Spain, Senegal, Morocco, Germany, Ethiopia, Italy, Hungary, Lithuania and so on…

When I am on a commercial assignment, either on studio or location, my work is cinematic and contemporary. A fine art portrait approach to subjects once only seen in photo-journalistic styles. When I am on a travel assignment or just as a personal project, I am a sensitive observer of endangered cultures and traditions, I travel the globe creating dramatic portraits while giving the viewer a powerful insight into the subject`s lives.

In addition to running Victor Gonzalo Photography, I own The Traveler Lens where I speak and teach to photographers around the globe about Travel Photography, Marketing, Selling and building a pro table photography business. Below you may see a few pictures of my self, therefore if you see me anywhere, just do not hesitate to say hello.

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